900 W South Blvd

Montgomery, AL

Home of the famous 3-minute Express Car Wash service!


Zoom Zoom Car Wash #2 is now open!

Looking for our Decatur St Location (Zoom Zoom Car Wash #1)? Click here »

Car Wash Prices

State-of-the-Art Automated Wash

Car Wash Services near Interstate 65 Montgomery 36105 - exterior of conveyor tunnel entrance
When it comes to Car Wash Services, we’re literally the “King Of The Hill”!

Zoom Zoom Car Wash #2 is conveniently located at 900 W South Blvd at the entrance to the Gateway Golf & Learning Center just off Interstate I-65 in Montgomery.

Our access drive is on Davenport Dr directly across from Family Dollar.

Our Car Wash Facility is a fully-automated cleaning system utilizing cutting-edge computer technologies to ensure the best experience for our busy customers on-the-go!

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Customized Car Services

Car Services in Montgomery, AL - car wash manager answering customer questions
Solomon Griffin, co-owner, discusses car wash options with a new customer.

Zoom Zoom Car Wash #2 offers a variety of Car Cleaning Services including:

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Professional Car Wash Staff

Professional Car Wash Staff at Zoom Zoom Car Wash - staff members pre-scrub car before automated wash
Edweena (11-year staff member) and Ezekiel pre-scrub your car for optimal cleaning.

The staff at Zoom Zoom Car Wash #2 are trained and experienced Car Wash Professionals ready to help keep your vehicle in immaculate condition.

Be sure to ask about our Unlimited Car Wash Club or how to purchase Car Wash Gift Certificates for your family and friends.

W South Blvd Location

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Conveyorized/Tunnel Car Wash

Conveyorized Tunnel Car Wash in Montgomery, AL - BMW pretreated before automated car wash
Our car wash staff pretreats a BMW before beginning automated car wash process.

Our state-of-the-art, computer-controlled washing system is designed to provide a quick and safe car wash experience.

We have 2 convenient locations near you!

  • Zoom Zoom Car Wash #1 on Decatur St ».
  • Zoom Zoom Car Wash #2 on W South Blvd – opened in 2017!

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Visit or contact Zoom Zoom Car Wash for all of your vehicle washing needs.

All photos of our car washing process taken at Zoom Zoom Car Wash #2 at W South BLVD location in Montgomery, Alabama.

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