The Griffins, Father & Son - Zoom Zoom Car Wash
Solomon Griffin, Jr. (left) and Solomon Griffin, Sr. (right)

Locally Owned & Operated

Zoom Zoom Car Wash is a locally owned and managed Car Wash Business in Montgomery, Alabama.

After serving abroad in the military, Solomon Griffin, Sr. returned to his hometown in Montgomery, Alabama to work with the United States Postal Service.

After leaving the postal service (Mr. Griffin doesn’t use the word “retire”), he decided he was ready to start his own business.

In 2004, Solomon, Sr. opened the original Zoom Zoom Car Wash location, still in operation, on South Decatur St (Zoom Zoom #1) ».

Mr. Griffin can be found nearly any day of the week washing cars and tending to his customers with his son, Solomon Griffin, Jr., co-owner and manager at Zoom Zoom.

Retaining wall at West South Blvd Car Wash
Before he could build Zoom Zoom #2, Solomon, Sr. had to build a BIG retaining wall.

Building Walls for a Strong Foundation

Solomon Griffin Sr and Jr at West South Blvd location of Zoom Zoom Car Wash
Father & Son Team

In 2017, Solomon, Sr. decided to “build his own wall”.

Zoom Zoom Car Wash #2 opened its new drive-through car wash tunnel that same year to Montgomery customers on West South Blvd, just off Interstate I-65.

The Griffins, Solomon Sr. and Jr., pride themselves on providing affordable car wash prices and first-rate service for all of their customers.